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Video editing studio Lagos Nigeria – Welcome to J-World Studio

Video editing studio Lagos
Video editing studio Lagos – J-World ntertainment

We work with the best post-production professionals who are hand-picked for their strenghths from around the globe. Our edit and finishing suite is comfortable and setup for client sessions and our equipment 4k ready. We have the internet bandwidth to offer remote sessions to connect our clients with the creative team. We offer visuals effects, sound design, color grading and constantly upgrading to the latest tools and software for international standard quality.

Video editing studio Lagos Nigeria – Welcome to J-World Studio

  • Sound design
  • Mixing
  • DVD/Blu-ray Authoring
  • DCP Production
  • Remote Edit/Grading services
  • NEXTLINE Transcoding
  • Editing
  • Color correction grading
  • Animation
  • Digital effects
  • Motion graphics
  • Music library

Other Services at J-World Video editing studio Lagos


We offer commercial productions affordable and exclusive. With our creativity we put into the concepts, we can work with the lowest budget. We’ve shot different commercials with popular once among and we’ve always succeeded with our clients satisfaction. 


With a medium budget, we’ll be able to shoot award winning movies for you. Our creativity team is always open for movie projects. With our crew, amazing locations and of course necessary high quality film equipment we’re able to shoot a great movie.Music video

We shoot music videos with great concepts and good morals only. We’ve shot videos for A-Lister and have come with amazing end results. No matter which amount of budget, our creativity will always flow overloading.

More Services


In J-World STUDIOS you will get Camers for Film shoot, Mega Serial, Commercials, Documentary. We have a wide range of Cameras like Red Dragon, Red Epic, Red MX, Red Scarlet, Canon 1DC, Panasonic P2 3100.

Lenses & Accessories

In J-World STUDIOS you will get all type of Lenses & Accessories for Film shoot, Mega Serial, Commercials, Documentary. We have a wide range of Lenses and many more accessories.

Data Management

At J-World Studios we give special importance to your data. Your data is highly secure with us. Here we maintain three types of data backups which are the important part of your project.


Here you can edit any footage on Final Cut Pro. As part of our dedication to bringing our clients a complete and usable workflow from production through post.

Color Grading

J-World Studios has introduced the most advanced, professional and high quality grading services in Video editing studio Lagos

Visual FX

Visual effects are often integral to a movie’s story and appeal. Although most visual effects work is completed during post-production, it usually must be carefully planned and choreographed in pre-production and production.