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Music Video Production company Lagos… Our videos are directed by director J. J-World Ntertainment offers you great opportunities in Music/Video production

Music video production company Lagos
Music video production company Lagos – J World ntertainment
Music video production company Lagos

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We all love great music, most of us are passionate about it and some of us are just too talented, eager to show the world what we’re made of. Guess what? J-World Ntertainment understand these things and that’s why we are here to carry you along. Whether you’re a beginner, or a seasoned professional, with our modern day equipment and serene environment J-World Ntertainment Music video production company Lagos offers you great opportunities directed by director J in:

  • Music/Video production
  • Mixing and Mastering
  • All kinds of jingles and voice over
  • THE PRIVILLEGE TO GET YOUR SONG ON SOUND CITY  AND other music channels LAGOS, along-side other promotion packages
  • Don’t Miss the Chance.
  • “Your Passion for music is our Concern!!”
  • NOTE: We don’t promote sexuality, immorality, abuse and drugs.

With Jworld Music video production company Lagos, you have a clear road-map to a successful Video Production right from the start…


At Jworld Music video production company Lagos, our no-nonsense approach means we’re always up front about our video production prices because we’re so confident in the value we can add to your project.

Our all-inclusive packages mean your budget is locked-down from the start – it will only change if you change your brief.

The complexity of your corporate video production has a direct impact on price which is determined by four factors:

  1. the total amount of filming time
  2. the total amount of production time
  3. the geography of your filming locations
  4. the use of any special production components like animation, actors or presenters

Our typical all-inclusive video production packages range from £1,750 to £8,000 or #1,000,000 – #4,000,000 + VAT
Email or call us on 0806 315 4192 or to discuss your own video production requirements. Check our latest videos

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we uses any of this list with low budget