Sound Engineering

Sound engineering school Lekki Lagos. Available at J World Entertainment. With J-World academy, the participant learns music and film production etc

Sound engineering school Lekki Lagos

The creative process of recording, mixing and mastering is integral to the composition and performance of your music and when it comes to adding that elusive magic that will make a difference, J-World Academy got you covered. Students will learn the technicalities through which sound travels with emphasis on setting up quality source sounds and how the science of sound and acoustic theory supports the recording process.

The progress of your abilities as a Producer across a wide range of contexts will be evident after this course.

You will learn:

Digital mixing
Recording techniques
Microphone deployment
Critical listening
EQ and Dynamic range processing
Effect processing
Mixing consoles
Alignment/Pitch correction tools
Mixing workshops

Digital Mastering
Introduction to Mastering
Mastering tools