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Digital Music PR Company Lagos.
Digital Music PR Company Lagos.

Digital Music PR Company Lagos. J-World Ntertainment is an entertainment company internationally acclaimed for its unique services for musical brands.

We act as artist PR to have access to media coverage in all Nigeria media outlet.
    • BESPOKE IMAGE SOLUTIONS: Publicity strategies specifically tailored for you; executed with scientific
      precision as we tell the world about you in a language they understand.


    • WALK-IN CONSULTANCY: Make a scheduled appointment with our help team and get instant professional advice, quick tips, promo demos, press clippings and our special “5 minutes grooming”.


    • PRESS CONFERENCES: For album releases, product launches, fashion shows, important announcements, book presentations and the birth of a new brand, let’s help you organize a press conference and ensure very wide coverage. We’ll handle everything: from venue to decor, press materials, reporters, sound and souvenirs. You just show up and show off!


    • EVENTS: You’ll never be alone! We follow you from one public appearance to another; making sure no media opportunities are left untapped; and making sure you’re not vulnerable to prying reporters or mischievous paparazzi.


    • CRISES MANAGEMENT: If you’ve just been involved in a brawl; or you’re at the centre of a major controversy and you’re unsure of how it’ll affect your career, business, then pick up the phone and talk to us. It may be that you’re leaving your marriage, and concerned about how the media will portray the break up; or you’ve just been accused of assaulting a fan. We’ll set up a plan and a machinery that’ll make sure you come out looking good, leaving your career and brand intact and secure.


    • PHOTO OPS: Ride on our contacts and experience to capitalize on photo opportunities at public events or private meet-and-greets, and discover how one picture equals a thousand words…


    • ALL YEAR PR: Let’s help you create an annual media plan (including calendars, activity plans, reporting schedule and media value forecast) that will be your organization’s bible of publicity for an entire year! And you can keep us on a decent retainer, to help you execute and monitor what the world is saying about you, your brands, and your competition.


    • DIGITAL MARKETING: With creative content on various digital platforms, we will lead you to your target publics where you can engage them in conversations and tell your stories to the world, whilst also building an army of fans, influencers and advocates for your brand.


    • MEDIA MONITORING AND RESEARCH: From traditional to electronic and digital media, our team uses trend setting report techniques to deliver the best coverage, analysis and recommendations that will help your brand always stay ahead of the game.


    • CONTENT MANAGEMENT: We will create, collect, manage and publish information that will interest and excite your target audience, presenting them in premium multimedia formats.


  • ASSETS MANAGEMENT: We will keep your online real estate for you, develop them and build them such that the valuation grows geometrically.
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