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Digital distribution company Lagos
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Digital distribution company Lagos. J-World Ntertainment is an entertainment company internationally acclaimed for its unique services for musical brands

Collect Your Youtube Sound Recording Revenue

Get the money your sound recordings earn on YouTube videos

You can earn money when your sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube. On any videos!

You earn money when other people use your sound recordings in their videos and on your own YouTube videos too. J-World can collect all this revenue for you through its YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection service. There is a low, one-time setup
fee for all your current and future sound recordings and you keep 80% of collected revenue!

Digital distribution company Lagos

The basic truth of music business is every time or anywhere music is played someone is getting paid and it’s necessarily not the artist or song writer. When radio stations play your song someone is getting paid, the question now is are you getting paid or just getting played? If you have a song on radio or video on TV and you’re not getting royalties feel free to get in touch with me.

Like I said music is a business and while you’re investing your hard earned money on the business, you need to get returns on your investments. The funny statement I usually hear from artist and new label owners are; “Will they play our music again, if we join a collective society for royalties’ collection on our song spins and usage”. The truth is you will get played if your music is good and if you’re running the payola package with the Djs or OAPs. The fact is either you join or not you have a royalty that is being shared among other members of the collective society. If you need help or more information on this get in touch with me.

Getting paid from your music is beyond just the radio spins royalties. The collective society collects money from hotels, event venues and corporate establishments that uses music as part of their business. The list goes on, from advertising agencies running outdoor activation activities, night clubs, airlines etc.

Like it is in every industry across the globe about content monetization so it is here in Nigeria too. The only difference is we’re just entering the digitalization era while other industries like the UK and US are finding new revenue streams we are still trying to understand how it can work. I am talking about content monetization via the internet and mobile.

Gradually our industry is catching up but education is needed to develop the industry here in Nigeria. The fast rising artists need to be carry along in all developmental moves. Initiatives and platforms like MTN Music Plus, Techno Boom Player app, Etisalat’s Cloud 9 and music stores like Spinlet… are few of the many other revenue streams for any musicians and label that want to be in the business. If you need help on this also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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