Media Production

Media Production Company Lagos – J-World ntertainment. We are a vibrant award-winning Media Production Company based in Lekki Lagos.

We produce video of high definition quality. From concept development to writing, production, post production and delivery with variety of services with HD Cameras, professional softwares, Graphics and Animations, Editing suites, Green screen and Web design.

Most clients have seen the different types of videos. There are those shot by the amateur, many of bad quality video and audio and with horrible camera work. Then there are the intermediate ones that are nicely edited, shot with a good camera 🙂 and in general provide a pretty good viewing experience. Last but not least are the professional videos. These are shot on very good cameras, using dedicated equipment, software and shot using good principles of videography. J-World ntertainment can make your videos look professional. Media Production Company Lagos – J-World ntertainment

Media Production Company Lagos – J-World ntertainment
We can make this happen because
We have obtain a camera with high image quality
We have external microphone that improve the sound of our video
We have a quality tripod that stabilizes our camera while shooting
We know better shooting techniques
We have improve editing software and after effect
We also
Promote the video to your existing contacts (via your e-newsletter)
Contact bloggers
Optimize your video to attract search engine traffic
Share your videos on various social networking sites
Burn a DVD to play in your showroom
Repurpose your video as still images and text
Put your top five videos on a page
Create and distribute an online press release
Share with your affiliates
Add a link to your videos in your email signature
Run a competition based on watching your videos

Whatever your project, Jworld offers a truly creative approach, beautiful HD footage and bespoke animated graphics to maximise impact on each production. Contact: Media Production Company Lagos – J-World ntertainment or Facebook