J-World Ntertainment selects 2 upcoming artists for record deal

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April 26, 2019
April 26, 2019

J-World Ntertainment selects 2 upcoming artists for record deal

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Record Deal for upcoming artist

J-World ntertainment selects 2 upcoming artist for recording deal 2019. The deal is to begin soon.

The audition on Saturday has brought a lot of upcoming artists to J-Worlds office in Lekki. Some of them had talent, some of them were more of braggers but there were still a few good ones standing out from the rest. The office was busy the whole day and it was closed in success! The judges are now on process and their final decision will stand in the next few weeks. The artists excitedly wait now for them to be selected. The winners are going to win -what winners will win- and even the rest will still benefit a lot of things even if they don’t win. They will receive -what losers get-. Keep updated on the  winners via @jworldntertaimment on IG.

As the J-World Film classes resume beginning of October, get ready for the next major school film project #thestage! We’re going to bring reality to nollywood! More information to be released… Keep updated on the release dates via @jworldacademy & @jworldntertainment on IG.

Eva waters under partnership process with J-World Ntertainment

Recently J-World Ntertainment brought out the new system for brands to advertise their products. “No one listens to radio outside the car and who even pays attention to the commercials in TV?” all these things are out and J-World recognized the issue brands have.


Recently they shot the music video to ‘my way’ by Wallace a newcomer artist introducing brand involvement in music videos to the market. The video that will soon be streamed is not a commercial, but a music video, still it advertises Eva’s 5cl bottle water.