How to get international mixing and mastering engineers in Lagos Nigeria

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April 26, 2019

How to get international mixing and mastering engineers in Lagos Nigeria

How to get international mixing and mastering engineers in Lagos Nigeria.

A song is incomplete without mixing. Mixing gives a track the smoothness that makes it comfortable to ones ear. That’s why a music production needs a sound engineer that can fix the production for it to be ready to be distributed. Many Producers claim to be engineers as well, but it is better to hire a separate engineer. A producer and a sound engineer aren’t the same. A producer formulates an unique beat, records and directs  the voices of an artist to turn it into a new song. The sound engineer is basically the one that corrects and fixes everything thing to make it smooth. Let’s just consider this sample; Can you compare a chocolate producer with a packager? The chocolate producer produces the formula, taste and design of the chocolate, and the packager packages the chocolate before it goes to the supermarket.

The reason why I mentioned that you may get a producer and an engineer separately is because over the years producing and mixing have been mixed together. Some producer might have the idea of mixing but knowing how to do it isn’t everything. Sound engineers are specialized to pick all flaws out of a sound track and correct it. They spent days, weeks and yes even more than a month until they get the result they want to hear. That’s their job, and that’s what they do.

If you work with less professional sound engineers, then you should make sure that you help them with the correcting. That doesn’t mean you should literally stand beside them while they work, but when they present to you the end result and you dislike it, don’t get angry. Explain to them what they still need to work on unless they demand for more money.

Another thing you need to know about working with less professional engineers is that you need to test a lot. Before you accept your track, you need to make sure you’ve heard the song from different devices. Many people fell into the same trap by listening to their song from only one device and later on discovered that it doesn’t sound well from another one after they’ve already accepted it.

The best thing I can recommend is for you to turn to production companies that offer sound engineering services. That gives you the guarantee that even if the mixing isn’t good, they’ll redo it without any extra charges. Like J-World Studio in Lekki or other studios you can get such services. If you decide to turn towards such companies you can also find affordable ones. Some companies even collect less charges than individuals and offer more professional work.

I hope this post could help you decide what to do next, and I wish you success with your track!