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April 26, 2019
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Gwin sitting on hospital bed

J-World Ntertainment artist survives a ghastly accident after shooting his music video

Gwin laughing on his song cover

J-World Ntertainment artist Gwin releases video for his single “Hello”

Two weeks after the video shoot of his popular single “Hello,” a Nigerian emerging artist, GWIN got knocked into coma by a BRT bus in Ketu, Lagos state. His family, friends, and J-World Ntertainment which manages the artist, resigned to fate. Everyone charged it up to another potential wasted before fulfillment. A sight not uncommon in Nigeria.

before and after picture of GWin accident

(Left) Gwin wakes up from two-day coma after the BRT accident. (Right). He releases video of his single “Hello”

But God had another plan. GWIN pulled through after three weeks in the hospital with earlier days in an unconscious state. Although life threatening, he chalked it up to the obstacles he has to overcome to win at this thing called life. Music remains his best shot at life. Through his music GWIN vows to live and not merely exist.

Born on 17th March 1994 in Mbo local government, Akwa Ibom State, GWIN (born Godwin Edet Ofueneng) completed his secondary school education in Ikorodu Lagos. He lost both parents at an early stage and embraced music. It was during his secondary school days he started cultivating the natural musical talent he had from birth. He went on to gain admission into the university of Benin where he majored in Mass Communications.

Gwin and producer in studio

Gwin spends any free time he can get bettering his craft in the studio

GWIN started releasing songs professionally in 2015. His two singles “Man Alane” and “True Love”  had positive receptions. The third single “Hello” put him on the map and shaped his blossoming career. Telepathically, GWIN titled his last release for what was to come. His “Hello” is a greeting to life. Hello to things to come. Hello to more audience waiting to hear his songs and message. Hello to live not death.

Death struck with the BRT accident to shut him up but God always wins. He survived. This can be likened to that night in October 23, 2002 when the American rapper Kanye West, after a long night in the studio, fell asleep while sleeping, and rammed into an incoming vehicle.

Kanye West had just penned down a music deal with Jay Z’s Rock-A-Fella record label two weeks earlier. The accident shattered his teeth. The other driver broke both legs. Two weeks after various surgeries, Kanye West released a single “Through the wire” recorded with his mouth wired shut. His debut album “Collage Dropout” in 2004 forever changed the rap game from the rampant gangster persona to a more personal affair we enjoy today.

In the same vein, J-World Ntertainment releases GWIN’s music video “Hello” video to remind his fans he is alright. That God still wants the talented artist to keep doing what he’s doing, which is creating hits and bangers for our entertainment. Check out the video and share. A share equals a welcome tribute to the artist who really crossed over to the other side of existence and made it back.