Best Music Recording Studio Lekki Lagos (Audio & Video)

May 30, 2019
How J-world became best music film school in lekki lagos
July 21, 2019

Best Music Recording Studio Lekki Lagos (Audio & Video)

As Director J (born Joseph Oladugba) normally says “A studio is bigger than a company. A studio can accommodate many companies.” J-World Ntertainment studio in Lekki County Homes, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, encompasses various companies. Including, but not limited to music recording.

At J-World Ntertainment, your creative dreams meet real life. (Image)

Background of the best music recording studio in Lagos

The director & CEO of J-World ntertainment is a refined artistic visionary trained in America and Europe under powerhouses like Eif Rivera and Thibault Dumoulin. Since his return back home, his mission statement for the Nigerian entertainment industry remains “…”

Recording studio lekki lagos

Reason he founded J-World Studio in 2008. It took another ten years of strategic planning and marketing analysis for the recording studio to go live and when it did — both local and *international artists* came knocking on our door. It didn’t end there. The expansion started.

Why record in our studio?

Recording studio lekki lagos

Below are the five benefits of recording in J-World studio. After working with them, you might as well add another five.

As stated earlier, the studio provides services from recording songs, music production, mixing & mastering, jingle production, equipment rental, music scores, to sound design. All these relate to the music aspect. The film & Television productions, awards, and events management features in their catalogue will leave you asking for more.

Let’s start with the music first though. You woke up this morning to the beautiful sounds of the birds singing, ain’t it?

1) J-World recording studio is a “You first” platform

Situated in one the calmest estate in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, your safety is of utmost importance. “They” know what you got and might want to throw wrenches. J-World recording studio knows what you got and wants to help you grow.

Once you *place a call* the team starts making arrangements that fit who you are as a person and what you want to achieve. That this worked for A doesn’t mean it will work for B. J-World studio doesn’t make such assumptions. We don’t offer you lemon when you’re tasty. We brew lemonade.

You pick your schedule. You pick the *various packages* available according to your budget. You pick how your music gets promoted. You pick how your end products will sound and feel if “best ever” doesn’t work for you. You pick how your brand should be managed. Just like Pepsi, you will dare for more.

2) J-World Recording Studio is equipped with the latest technology **

You can’t play catch-up in the today’s world led by technology. You stay hundred steps ahead.

J-World music recording studio easily upgrades on Mac computers, midi controllers, string instruments, brass instruments, studio monitors, microphones, drums, headphones, as if we were changing baby pampers. Not to show off but to show off your talent to the world patiently waiting for it.

No wonder Harmonize, Ketchup, and other renowned brands requested for our services and got served (positively of course). If you’re a band or crew, well, the party just started. Welcome.

3) Music Recording Know How (production, mixing & mastering)

J-World is into all that futuristic robots-feeding-you-while-you-sleep thingy thing. One of the lenses used for the *film production section* is like a holy grail you won’t really find much of in Nigeria. But when it comes to music production, recording your vocals, mixing & mastering, Director J leaves the robots behind in Star wars. The staff is well-trained and professional. Human beings you can communicate with efficiently from the start to the end of your session.

Bare your soul in the vocal booth and let the company experts handle the Beat and Meter, Harmony, Melody, Pitch, Rhythm, Tempo, Texture, Timbre, elements of good mix and sound levels.

These *testimonials* favour *J-World production crew* Many more signed up to learn at their in-house *academy*.  Knowledge is power when shared not hoarded.

4) Recording & Music Promotion

There some secrets reserved for the biblical children. There some secrets accessible only by men with grey hairs. There are some secrets know only by the five percent. (Don’t ask who the five percent are) [funny image]

J-World Ntertainment launched her *record label* January 2019. Of course there are secrets reserved for only the *in-house artists.* Things like strategic promotion are reserved for the selected few. However, the CEO of J-World noticed most independent talented artists grieve after spending resources in putting a song together. The usual plays and views come from mommy and sister. Daddy doesn’t have time. Cousin Jane has been beefing with you since Christmas. The hundred group chats you serve as the admin are tired of spam links.

Who gets to hear the wonder you created after burning those hours and vibes in the recording studio? Mommy and Sister. (funny image)

J-World recording studio has an answer for you. *Book a session now.* No lies with the “you first” mantra.

5) Studio booking and professional customer service

There was a time when going to recording studio wasn’t all that safe. Honestly, if you run into that stubborn guy from that other street or that crew you don’t really roll with, the music suffers. Unfortunately for recording artists, when it’s time to visit the studio you can’t hold back. So, you just go.

The inspiration pushes like anointing. Who you run into the booth can’t be controlled. Whether there is space and time for you is something out of your hands. You might even be forced to record in the morning whereas you love vibing during the day or you’re the nocturnal owl.

There are creative differences but true to the “You first” system, J-World Ntertainment studio employs professional service people (not dumbo robots) headed by a trained marketing manager. Just place a call <here> or <email>. Book. Schedule. Can’t make it? Reschedule. All you have to do is make the call from the comfort of your home and let the professionals handle the rest.

J-World Ntertainment recording studio is the place to be. Test and see. Join the winning family. J-World Ntertainment is the artist’s family.