Artist/Talent Management

Artist management company Lagos

While you are working on making more great music, an artist manager is contacting people on your behalf who can help advance your career and create new opportunities. When the music is ready, the artist manager provides the introductions to important people in the music business, to producers and studios, and is keeping an eye on the”behind the scenes” goings-on in the music industry. Each and every day, you have someone on your team working to make you, your face, and your work, the focus of the entire world.

At J-World ntertainment, we leave no stone unturned for our artists. If you qualify, we are the artist management team to take your career to the next level so you can continue to make great music.

Whether you are a National or International Artist J-World ntertainment ™ is the Artist Management Company for you.

We can help you in management, marketing, event production and web promotion, J-World ntertainment Studio has the expertise to grow an artist’s career.
Musician Management Offer

E-Mail us or pick up the phone and get professional advice on whatever questions arise as needed.
Whether it’s consultation, how to book your group, trying to reach other industry professionals, or to strategize a campaign to get you to the top, J-World ntertainment is there.
Oversee project-based campaigns – such as a release, A&R outreach, making over your social media.
Full management service is also available on a percentage basis for artists already breaking or established.


Contact us for a free consultation about any services you may need or questions you have about the direction you may want to go in the music industry. We are very passionate about music, the arts and promotion. We take great pride in assisting artists and labels in any way that we can. Please see the list of services that we offer below.

Call for Free Consultations: 08063154192

Music Industry Consultations
Contracts and Agreements
Music Law
Music Publishing
Music Licensing
S.O.C.A.N. registration and tracking
Association and Membership Registration (i.e. Film Music, Jobwire, Digital Distribution)
Correspondence, letter writing and document provision
Grant research and application management
Record Label development

Radio promotion
Promotion Packages – Supersized
Digital Distribution to Canadian Radio
Music placement for Film/TV/Video Games
J-World ntertainment compilation CD Series – temporarily out of service
J-World ntertainment record label
J-World ntertainment artist community
Internet Promotion
Label Promotion
Press Release Distribution
Press Kits & EPK’s
Biography & Press Release Writing
Web Design and Graphic Arts
Poster, flyer and promotional material design and distribution
Radio, television and print contests application and management
Record company demo production and distribution
Radio syndication
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