Acting school Lekki Lagos

An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre or in modern media such as film, radio, and television. It takes alot of effort and consistency to be a good actor. Therefore, J-World academy designed this program to provide you with the skills needed to manage, execute and deliver the practical aspects of the course at our acting school Lekki Lagos.

You will learn:
Performance Study Great acting involves the successful evaluation of dynamics and finesse in performance. The craft of an actor begins and is sustained through being an engaged audience member. You will learn how to appreciate, dissect, evaluate and discuss the work of actors and film-makers at the top of their field. You will participate in group viewings and discussion of a selection of specially curated film and television classics, oddities and art, and prepare for each session by researching elements of each film and/or acting performance; readying yourself for the passionate discussion following each viewing Register today at our acting school Lekki Lagos.

Scene Study Students discover how to put the actor’s basic skills and tools to work by creating a dynamic and powerful scene for presentation. They use the skills acquired in the previous term to delve more deeply into creating an honest and authentic character. This course highlights how students can express themselves with confidence and serve their stories truthfully. They assume responsibility for their own creative growth and begin to follow impulse to discover surprises in honesty and engaged partnering. Through improvisation, acting exercises, research, and rehearsal techniques, students prepare and present a scene for evaluation at the end of the course. Register today at our acting school Lekki Lagos..

Writing Your Story In this course, students delve into the actor’s truth to discover deep personal connections between themselves and how they relate to the text. Through a series of silent, guided meditations, sensory and visualization exercises, and intensive writing sessions, students create a personal monologue using authentic and truthful stories from their lives. This awakens their understanding of how each life story directly informs an actor's performance, enabling them to bring truth to work on stage and screen.. Register today at our acting school Lekki Lagos..

Experimentation and performance Acting is transforming. Having the ability to let go of your way of seeing the world, and then transform into a character that sees the world differently takes imagination, vulnerability, and skill. This course encourages you to keep experimenting with the confidence, passion, and exactness gained from your previous acting classes. You will sharpen your Scene Study and Text Analysis skills, deepen your Character work and integrate what you have investigated in your scene work from T3 Expand Your Range, culminating in a performance at the end of the course in front of a live audience. As a professional actor, you need to have the courage to adapt, and to develop a fresh outlook with every role... so experiment! Make mistakes! And stop trying to get things "right!". Register today at our acting school Lekki Lagos..

Return To Impulse Students explore “genius”; the profound relationship with true impulse that is a key element in elevating a performance from mere pedestrian choices to the greatness exhibited by our acting heroes. Students are pushed, provoked, and enticed to move beyond the realm of safe, predictable work and into a place where their unique stamp of authenticity will allow their work to shine as honest, distinct, and playful. Register today at our acting school Lekki Lagos..

Filmic Naturalism Our greatest film actors are able to portray characters so naturally, it seems as if we are in the film with them and they are not in front of a camera. Filmic naturalism is a pure acting class, preparing students for future work in front of the camera. Working in a professional rehearsal environment, students research their chosen character by employing a variety of modalities to immerse their imagination through a whole body, sensory approach. Register today at our acting school Lekki Lagos..