Music Production

Music production school Lekki Lagos
Music production school Lekki Lagos

Music production school Lekki Lagos

A Professional music producer has a very broad role in managing and overseeing the recording and production of different kinds of sound, which is why J-World academy has designed this program to provide you with the necessary skills needed to manage, execute and deliver the practical production aspects of the course at our musci production school Lekki Lagos. Contact


You will learn:


Introduction to Music production

This is a unique hands-on course designed to introduce entry level students to useful fundamental techniques associated with instruments recording and modern day digital music production that will guide them through their first steps in making music and guarantee success in learning key production techniques. Register today at our music production school Lekki Lagos.

Instruments training

Being able to play an instrument has been the backbone of music for centuries, which is why this course is designed to provide that basic music theory that will enable you add that natural feel to your sound production process and help you develop the necessary skills required to becoming a great music producer. Register today at our music production school Lekki Lagos.

Digital Music Production

Dedication to music production is a huge career decision and needs to be properly managed, that is why this course has been honed to take you step by step from being a total beginner to becoming a completely confident music producer. The course is incredibly practical throughout giving you the opportunity to learn the technical and creative components of music production with complete access to the studio digital equipment. Register today at our music production school Lekki Lagos.


Course Specification

Duration: 3 Months

Weekly Timetable: 2 classes per week

10am-12pm for morning classes | 12pm-2pm for afternoon classes

Scheduled Practical Production Sessions run from 10am – 5pm

Music production school Lekki Lagos


Introduction to music production
• Signal flow, connections and sound card integration
• Introduction to DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations such as FL Studio, Cubase and Sonar)
• Working Midi and audio
• Working with VSTs
• Using studio hardware

Instruments training
• Keyboard
• Drum Set
• Trumpet
• E/Guitar
• Violin
• Saxophone

Digital music production
• Creating beats, groove and swing
• Track analysis
• Arrangement/automation
• Basic synthesis/mixdown
• Recording workshops
Digital mixing
• Recording techniques
• Microphone deployment
• Critical listening
• EQ and Dynamic range processing
• Effect processing
• Mixing consoles
• Alignment/Pitch correction tools
• Mixing workshops

Digital Mastering
• Introduction to Mastering
• Mastering tools
• Project
Digital Photography
• Subject
• Strong Composition
• Moments
• Light
• Emotional Impact

Advance Camera techniques
• Handheld camera technique
• After effects
• Video camera technique
• Broadcast camera technique
• Camera slider techniques
Directing for Music Videos
• Directing for Film, TV and documentaries
• Final Project. Register today at our music production school Lekki Lagos.

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