Music film school Lagos. J World ntertainment academy is a music and film production school that teaches you and help you.


Your dream to make a difference in the music industry, to inspire, to entertain and become a professional that is sort after by superstars and adored by fans, is certain to become a reality with the J-World family…music school film production school Lagos

At J-World academy Music and film production school Lagos, we practically show our students what it takes to transform creativity into unique sounds from learning how to play live musical instruments to combining audio digitally through the recording, mixing and mastering processes using industry-standard professional DAWs and sophisticated recording studio technology consoles. You’ll explore everything pertaining live and digital music production, designing sounds for films, radio, TV with full access to a well equipped recording studio. Other activities include going to the field to experience first-hand, how to shoot musical videos, producing songs as a team (and so many other fun stuff). That’s not all; you’ll also be surrounded by a community of passionate and talented individuals with similar goals that will challenge you to exceed expectations and most importantly, you’ll be supported in a resourceful capacity, that will help you establish your dream career for life.

We’re a team…. And your passion for music is our concern!!