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May 28, 2019
Best Music Recording Studio Lekki Lagos (Audio & Video)
June 26, 2019


Nigeria, the most populated black nation on earth, boasts of thousands of record labels within her boundaries. For every Mavin, YBNL, Starboy, Five Star, there are ten times shady setups programmed to defraud talented recording artists in the country.

Music and creative art is something Nigerians can’t do without so the record label business is not going anywhere. Also talents crop up every day in Nigeria, making the race to the top ever competitive. J-World Ntertainment studio situated at Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria, joined the entertainment race in 2008 by launching a music recording studio.

To cater for the basic needs of independent artists, especially, the ones using J-World recording studio, Director J (born Joseph Oladugba) expanded to a record label, signing promising emerging artists to  standard record deals.

Director J standing with J-World artist Wallace and two models

Director J with his artist Wallace and two models during a video shoot

J-World Ntertainment, in addition to owning a record label, also offers different courses related to music and film production in her in-house academy.

Director J with female students wearing J-World academy Tees

Director J, CEO of J-World Ntertainment with his academy students.

This shows the extent the studio is willing to uplift and nurture young talents in Nigeria. Director J who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry working behind the scenes here in Nigeria points out few things to note before penning a deal.

Director J and daughter in the studio

Director J, CEO of JWorld Ntertainment, hanging out with daughter in the studio

1) Record labels are businesses

Record labels are in it for the money. Of course, you might say talent promotion and pushing the culture forward but it still boils down to one of the first things taught in every business school. “The aim of every business is to make profit.” Since record labels are businesses, they have bottom lines to cover.

You become a good match when you fit in any record label’s plans. Here in J-World Ntertainment, artists like GWIN who just released video for his single “Hello” has been nurtured from the scratch and are in the closest radars of brands pushing them forward. Artist management: check. Business objective: check.

Gwin laughing on his song cover

J-World Ntertainment artist Gwin releases video for his single “Hello

2) What deal are you signing?

Most independent recording artists in Nigeria have zero idea about the business part of the record labels and workings. Everybody wants to be popular. Some renowned artists already in contracts have spent hard-earned resources on lawyers with the hope of disentangling themselves from clauses misinterpreted in the contracts they inked earlier.

Lawyer shaking hands with a client

Lawyer and client

At J-World Academy you not only learn key differences among the various contracts including 360 degree (slave deal), standard, single, management, distribution, joint venture etc, we help you remain independent.

This leads to another topic.

3) Being an independent artists in Nigeria

What recording artists in Nigeria and some in other parts of the world believe is that being independent means having no contact with labels or big industry players, but that’s not true. The entertainment industry is linked like a spider web. Everybody connected to everybody. Everybody is affiliated to everybody.

J-World Ntertainment studio has her own record label arm but still offers certain services for artists who which to remain independent or be independent for a while before figuring out the best contracts for them. Although we are professionally a business entity, we can never retract on our “You first” policy.

an animation depicting you first

J-World Ntertainment is all about You First

4) Capacity of the record label

Capacity is a generic term. Let’s all agree big record labels have the capacity (asset & liability) or whatever capacity means. Better question is, are you their main capacity (asset) or well, let’s not use liability. Again, the big guns are totally inaccessible to every day Nigerian independent recording artist.

This leaves the mid-tier record labels. Desperate to make fast money many record labels are out there to swindle any aspiring artist. It is left for the recording artist to make adequate research on the capabilities of any institution they wish to align with.

J-World Ntertainment is new yet we are already taking giant strides because we have the capability. We have the team. We have the resolve and the connections.  Contact us here