Music video production company – J-World ntertainment Ltd provides world class quality Music Video and commercials for top brands.

Music video production company - J-World ntertainment Ltd
Music video production company – J-World ntertainment

We are filmmakers and Music video production company – J-World ntertainment Ltd who believe that great stories can make a positive impact. As storytellers, we seek out the heart in every project, whether it be capturing an amazing wedding, filming a documentary or producing creative videos for incredible brands. At the end of the day we’re real people that care deeply about what we do and the people we work with. We’re interested in your vision, and how we can help to bring your story to life.

Music video production company – J-World ntertainment Ltd

What we bring to the table is simple: we can assist you in reaching your marketing and outreach goals via the incomparable power of video. Whether you are looking to increase sales, connect with your clients, engender loyalty, educate about a new product or service, seeking donations, enhance awareness, or promote education; we can work with you through the process of research, creation, development and producing your video communication. If you are seeking Music video production company, Nigeria or in West Africa, or anywhere else across the globe, our team can create video content for you that is entertaining, creative, and most importantly, effective. Our video production services cover a wide range of services, not only for the creation of videos, but also line production and actual production for international clients. For the local client, from brainstorming and content development, all the way to editing and post-production, you can rest assured that J-World will provide you the confidence and comfort that leads to a great product. For the international client, from your visas, entry requirements, equipment carnets, location scouting, fixing and provision of high quality equipment and crews; when you stop at our doorstep, we take you through a hassle free process that ensures we get the work done together, seamlessly. What this all means is that we can develop, guide, and execute your project all under one roof. This allows for ultimate control of quality, vision and message. Music video production company – J-World ntertainment Ltd


J-World has been a game changing video production company in Nigeria for more than 15 years. We have stayed at the top of our game and today continue to service clients locally, nationwide and internationally. Our video production services are perfectly suited for projects large and small; from TV commercials, Corporate Videos, Music video production, to national nonprofits who want a creative and effective video at affordable cost, all the way up to major brands. No matter the assignment, we are concerned with one thing above all else: leveraging technology and talent to meet our client’s goals, at the most effective cost whilst adding value throughout the value chain. Our exceptional team of creative production company pursues their craft not as a job, but as a lifestyle. When they are not bringing their talents to bear on your project, they are hard at work perfecting their skills through such varied avenues as music videos, festival-bound short films, and creative web-series. Contact: Music video production company – J-World ntertainment Ltd. we are also compared to  sps and ibst