Affordable music production school Lekki Lagos | J-World

Music Production Training and Tutorials Lekki Lagos
August 4, 2019
Best Music Production training school in Lagos – Our Courses
August 4, 2019

Affordable music production school Lekki Lagos | J-World

Affordable music production school Lekki Lagos |J-World

Learn to produce the sounds and music you love at our Studio, located in the heart of Lagos Island – Lekki.
Immerse yourself in the most in depth music and audio production training program on the planet, specifically designed to launch the careers of music producers, sound designers, composers, audio engineersaudio engineers, and electronic music artists.
Lekki leading school for music and sound producers has a seat waiting for you.
Affordable music production schoolOnline Music Production training
J-World ntertainment’s online music production classes and programs are designed to explain the DAW in detail, dissect the art of sound design and teach you proven songwriting and arranging methods. .
Get one-on-one training with your instructor and mentor included in the price of each online class. .
Choose from full Programs like our Electronic Music Producer Online, or individual courses in Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools and more .
Create a portfolio under the guidance of a professional and develop a repeatable workflow to carry with you throughout your career.

We offer a full range of facilities to our students, including dedicated classrooms fully equipped for music lessons, with high quality musical instruments.
In addition to expert music lessons in a versatile range of instruments and styles, our students also have the benefit of access to our other world class facilities. Students can record their pieces in our production facilities, perform at one of our various performance spaces, including the Button Factory and gain access to additional online tuition. These additional study aids and complimentary opportunities allow students to fully engage in their studies and are truly unique. Our forward thinking ethos embraces educational developments, as well as offering students valuable access to commercial facilities.
At J-World Sound Training, we harness our years of educational experience to provide a complete musical education facility. We are constantly innovating in response to the ever changing music industry. Sound Training Music Academy is a vital part of our vision for a complete hub of musical education

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